Cortes Flexibles
Para las cosechadoras de las Marcas Principales


MacDon Industries Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer that has been a world leader in technology, innovation and manufacturing of premium harvesting equipment for over 70 years. The MacDon FD2 FlexDraper® flexible saw cut is available from 7.60m to 15.20m. MacDon draper heads for combines are designed to fit all major brand combines.

MacDon’s rubber belt technology conveys the crop from the left and right belt to a central belt that moves the material into the feeder. This concept allows the ears to enter first, resulting in uniform threshing and increased combine performance. The patented floating reel design allows gentle handling for delicate crops, as well as the ability to pick up and recover both wet and short, dry crops.

FlexDraper® offers a true multi-crop harvesting solution. The saw easily switches from a flexible frame to a fixed frame with the flip of a lever when moving between different harvesting needs for cereals, oilseeds, beans, peas, etc.